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New G.O.P. Bid to Limit Voting in Swing States - »

If you can’t beat ‘em, quash ‘em

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War on student voting next step for NC Republicans - Video on »

Of course. Because it has always been about fear, dissonance…power


Brian McFadden, New York Times

—my mother is angry at NC Gov Pat McCrory for reducing early voting hours … as an older person, she never wanted to wait in lines on election day. Believe me, if you piss off her demographic, you’re in trouble: they vote.


“The whites have so declared; they proclaim that the country is theirs, that the Negro should be thankful that he had so much, when so much more
might be withheld from him. He stands on a lower footing than any alien; he had no government to which he may look for protection.”
Charles W. Chestnutt, essay, 1903, reflecting on the then extant tragic effects of SCOTUS decision in Jackson v Giles upholding voter suppression like poll taxes, Plessy v Ferguson, on lynching, removal of blacks from voter rolls and public office at state and federal level, peonage, and the rise of chain gangs for profit—erasing barely 30 years of Reconstruction, passage 13th, 14th and 15 Amendments. Glad things have changed…

Note: this doesn’t include the means, i.e. legal (racist legislatures) or extralegal (intimidation, media rants, murder & terrorism)

1812: “Huh? I can’t even vote, and they aren’t even human beings, but I’ll be damned if they ever will be!”

1912: “Mongrelization, rape, anarchy”

2012: “‘Rampant’ voter fraud!”

2112: “Hey Esteban!”

        “Si, Malcolm XXVII?”

        “Remember when white people would trip about loosing ‘their’ country and     going nuts about that cat Obama, all these other things that don’t mean anything anymore, and the rich ones would get the dumbasses all riled up and say there was voter fraud by people like us, blah, blah?”

       “No estés chingando, dude! What are ‘white people?’ Better have Qiang mind-link the Cloud data ‘cause I never heard of nothing called ‘white people,’ dude.”

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