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7/23/13, 12:35 PM
North Carolina On Cusp Of Passing Worst Voter Suppression Bill In The Nation (Scott Keyes………

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Ginsburg Gets her "Fuck You" on: SCOTUS #votingrightsact »

Sow the wind, wingnuts…


How conservatives fell in love with government IDs …

So here’s something that lots of you may find surprising: American conservatives have historically…

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Amen, and for blacks, immigrants for two centuries till our lifetime, suppression was the norm. But this shows how conservatives changed their tune about IDs. These are sample people who didnt want to answer the 2010 Census till they saw populations of those damn “others” rise. Allegory, anyone?


Calling all Citizens: You Have a Right to Record

Today is a day we can (and should) all be journalists, especially if we witness voter suppression. Here’s how to do it safely. 

Free Press:

Video the Vote is a nonpartisan effort to train thousands of people to document any instances of voter suppression and disenfranchisement at polling places across the U.S. The group is particularly interested in finding people who can livestream from swing states where there is a heightened concern about ongoing voter-suppression efforts (see a full list of target counties here). Video the Vote is even offering a $100 stipend to volunteers.

If you’re planning to record from a polling place or interview voters, it’s important you know your rights and understand local laws. Video the Vote has put together a great set of resources to help citizen journalists. A few key points from the group’s Election Day Code of Conduct include:

  • Observe and document; don’t influence.
  • Remain a legal distance from the polling place.
  • Get permission from voters before you film them.
  • Never argue with a poll worker.

Before you head out, contact Barni Qaasim at Video the Vote at for more information and to connect with other citizen journalists in your area.

Harvard’s Digital Media Law Project has an excellent and detailed legal guide to documenting the vote.

FJP: Go vote! Be smart. And be fearless.

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Virginia Group with GOP ties/"Voter Fraud" Squad Member Arrested in Pennsylvania for Destroying Minority Registration Forms »

Voter suppression, not the Al Smith Dinner: the most undereported overarching issue of 2012. And here is it’s clean-shaven face?

Gentrification, like “voter fraud” and “Sha’ria Law conspiracies, is often wildly overstated…

Gentrification, like “voter fraud” and “Sha’ria Law conspiracies, is often wildly overstated…

“The whites have so declared; they proclaim that the country is theirs, that the Negro should be thankful that he had so much, when so much more
might be withheld from him. He stands on a lower footing than any alien; he had no government to which he may look for protection.”
Charles W. Chestnutt, essay, 1903, reflecting on the then extant tragic effects of SCOTUS decision in Jackson v Giles upholding voter suppression like poll taxes, Plessy v Ferguson, on lynching, removal of blacks from voter rolls and public office at state and federal level, peonage, and the rise of chain gangs for profit—erasing barely 30 years of Reconstruction, passage 13th, 14th and 15 Amendments. Glad things have changed…
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