The whining and tantrums of sad spoiled brat tots…mingled with the braying of herds of donkeys—how did our proud white male elite come to this? Quo vadis?

Our brain and pelvis, our supermen, the makers not takers, the job creators, the people who put GMO, junkie and high fructose corn syrup food in our ungrateful mouths and give our taking, worthless Obamacare-wanting selves our entertainment, warmth, light, roofs over our heads, the ability to share selfies…

…whither thou goest, Mr. Charlie?

Despite the enormous wealth after wrecking the economy for we multicultural scum, and McCutcheon and Citizens United and voting rights cases…and despite the megaphones of Fox News and Web reinforcement, there is a terrible pogrom, lynching, Rosewood, Auschwitz, krystalnacht Klan march, smallpox, trail of tears Matthew Shepard and Ryan White and Brandon Tina-like invidious, intentional oppression going on.

They are the victims, they moan.

Just ask camouflage-adorned millionaires or commodity billionaires, hedge fund hawks, strip miners, frackers, commercial bankers and occasional tech mogul or CEO…

…quo vadis, guys?

Brats and jackasses. Once princes and kings, even emperors of American life. You’d think that their that their Olympian egos, their Titan accomplishments, their know best and better for all of us would indicate they had a little bit more self respect…some class? I’d be willing to forgive the pathological insouciance and lack of empathy, or the notion that they did they did all on their lonesomes without any context or predicate  or help, or even look the other way at the blasphemy that they acquired power and/or wealth by divine intervention or divine right.

But they’ve shown neither class nor tact, and indeed show a sad and painful lack of self-respect. Whither thou goest, Mr. Charlie?

Remember back in the day, when even the extremists among them, the outward racists, anti Semites, gay-bashers/abusers, sexists, toxic polluters, etc., there was STILL a quiet, nose to the grindstone quality , divorced and insulated from politics and sociocultural entanglements? Behind the scenes, in the shadows, on the DL, yes…or, more positively, a Rockefeller-like noblesse oblige—where did that go?.

Now, even macho leaders of old like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower are enemies of success and enterprise, greenies, social engineers…traitors.

What happened? Quo vadis? Scary, that Latin term, for the same thing seems to have have happened to the noblest of Romans.

Where have you gone, Mr. Charlie? Come back as better men. We need you to be better men.


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Robert Rodriguez On Why He Launched a TV Network To Reflect Diversity In Front of And Behind The Camera »


The movies I made, I wasn’t even trying to make them diverse. It’s just when you’re a filmmaker of any ethnicity, you’re going to write from your own experience. So all my scripts started with “Hispanic character…” then I’d be like, “Oh, gosh, now I have to find an actor to play this,” and then I’d find there were no actors in Hollywood. It was puzzling.

When I was doing “Spy Kids,” the Weinsteins asked me — not that they were being jerks at all, they were just wondering — "Why are you making the characters Hispanic? It doesn’t make any sense, isn’t this supposed to be for everybody?" “Well, it’s based on my family.”

They’d just never seen it. Hollywood is very much… no one wants to do it first, because what if they screw up? If someone else does it first and it’s successful, then that’s something we can imitate. It just makes business sense for people not to constantly be putting themselves out there.

[Weinstein] said that, and it really put me on the spot to come up with a reason. “Why not just give them American names? It’s America, it will confuse people.” I said “They are American — they’re based on my family, so they’re Hispanic, but they’re going to be speaking in English. It’s going to be for everybody.” But no one had done it before, so there was nothing to point to.

"But why?” They couldn’t understand why I was doing it that way, and I couldn’t come up with a good answer. And I realized, wow, if I wasn’t Hispanic, I would have folded, I would have changed the name. That’s why there weren’t more scripts like that. Somebody would have asked them at some point “Why are you doing it that way?”

Finally, I came up with the right answer. I said “You don’t have to be British to watch James Bond. Making him British actually makes him more universal because it makes him very specific.” And they were like, okay, that makes sense. And we did it, and “Spy Kids” was a big hit. And those who were Hispanic, it really meant a lot to them. People have come up to me for a lot of years since and said “You changed my kids’ whole life. They see little kids who are Hispanic that are spies and they saw your name as the writer and director and you changed their idea of what their future could be.” The ripple effects of that one movie were enormous.

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Solomon Northup's Descendants: 12 years a slave »

Pervasive. America


First Black Miss Israel Admits ‘There Is Racism In Israel’


Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, the nation’s first Black women to be crowned Miss Israel, says her country has a race problem.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Aynaw, who is an Ethiopian Jew, said: “I’m not ashamed to say that there is racism in Israel; it’s a problem, but it’s a problem that Israel is working on and it’s something that Israel is trying to fix and it’s actually improving.”

Despite her…

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Too bad neocons haven’t learned this…or orthodox in a Brooklyn.

Three starting offensive linemen for the Miami Dolphins “engaged in a pattern of harassment” toward their teammate Jonathan Martin, another young offensive lineman and an assistant trainer that included racist and homophobic language and improper touching, according to an extensive investigation commissioned by the N.F.L.

The investigation concluded that harassment by the three players — Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey — caused significant emotional distress to Martin, who abruptly left the team in October amid reports that he had been bullied by Incognito. What is now clear is that the episode extended far beyond Incognito and Martin. Incognito was labeled “the main instigator” in the harassment, while Jerry and Pouncey “tended to follow Incognito’s lead.” Incognito was said to have dictated the locker-room culture.

The findings were announced by Ted Wells, a defense lawyer who was hired by the N.F.L. in November to conduct an independent investigation into the bullying scandal that engulfed the Dolphins and the league, and also cast a spotlight on the issue of workplace conduct in the locker room.

“The report rejects any suggestion that Martin manufactured claims of abuse after the fact to cover up an impetuous decision to leave the team,” Wells said in a statement.

… According to the report, Martin was teased “on a persistent basis with sexually explicit remarks about his sister and his mother and at times ridiculed with racial insults and other offensive comments,” while the trainer, who was born in Japan, was “the object of racial slurs and other racially derogatory language.” The trainer was said to have confided in Martin that he was upset, but he denied in interviews with investigators that Incognito had offended him because he said he was worried about losing players’ trust.

The New York Times, "Investigation Finds Pattern of Harassment in Dolphins’ Locker Room."

These motherfuckers reportedly told the Japanese-born trainer that they would avenge Pearl Harbor on him, because classy.

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Timing of this report is also quite telling.

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George Zimmerman to Fight Rapper DMX in Celebrity Match

Sick, and a spectacle. Why is Zimmerman a “celebrity?” Indeed, why is DMX? Indeed DMX is a horribly flawed person, thus perfect foil.

Perhaps Mayweather should just beat George to death…or Mike Tyson come out of retirement. End the freak show. Dishonor Trayvon no longer…

Is X gonna give it to George Zimmerman?

This morning, Damon Feldman, owner of  Celebrity Boxing…

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Coca Cola and America

So Glenn Beck and the Breitbart folk say Coke executives—most scions of buttoned down Atlanta white privileged stratum — set out to divide America?

Never mind that they consider America the Beautiful as their personal Horst Wessel song; we saw the idiotic comments on the sanctity of that such that Spanish words and brown citizen brimming with American pride somehow soils it. Let’s go to the gravamen of their “observation.” Did Coke engineer division?

Hey, perhaps they did. Yep, I’m saying it’s something discussed in marketing meetings like the one at General Mills over the Cheerios commercials. Now, is it the same aim as ascribed by loons, brown shirts et al? No.

I think they realized that 65 year old Fox News viewers, Duck Dynasty people and racists in Dockers are not the future profile of the Coke consumer . And given Coke’s international market, they aren’t now. So if asshole, rednecks, jingoists, snooty misanthropes/Junior William F Buckleys are offended… so? Plenty of others to take their place for the pause that refreshes. End of story.

Indeed my litmus focus group— the white male lacrosse players who I seem to attract in my courses and I have no damn clue why—didn’t register a peep. One did ask me “how random does someone have to be” [20 year old speak for silly! misguided, dumb] to publicly declare that one doesn’t know that America the Beautiful isn’t our national anthem nor a Christian hymn?

Random isn’t the consumer Coke wants. Diverse, like the forbears of the folk in the commercial in other lands bordering us and far flung, is. That = $$$. That = America. All of us.

More Gruesome vintage pieces. Note the prices on the back of this menu, ca. 1930. More Gruesome vintage pieces. Note the prices on the back of this menu, ca. 1930.

    More Gruesome vintage pieces. Note the prices on the back of this menu, ca. 1930.

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    The Champion Barack Obama »

    Sadly, on this Ta-Nehesi Coates is as dogmatic and unreasonable as a radical mullah or some doctrinaire cardinal or rabbi. So why argue? He seems to want to keep some tie to the ferment of 1960s Black Arts Movement ethos. You know the kind: any type of anti social and trifling behavior is a means of resistance, liberation, counter culture. Rather than what it is: crime, knucklehedry, skank or self destruction, ghetto fabulousness.

    I strongly agree with him on many , many things. This ain’t one. But every public intellectual—be they an academic or essayist or journalist, poet, scientist or pundit—has one vice or nettlesome flaw. This his is. Mine is coconut cake.

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