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Ferguson Chief Lied About Why He Released Robbery Tape: Report »


Bloodclaat LIAR dem!

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And yet more right wing myths and lies fall

#racism #mikebrown

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Donald Sterling and MSM

#DonaldSterling Another thought: amazing when it comes to racism in sports or entertainment industry (same thing) that media outlets skip Michelle Alexander, TaNehisi Coates of the Atlantic or Prof Jelani Cobb and parse the educated opinions of Charles Barkley, LL Cool J or NeNe Leakes. Part of the problem. Like the cousin of one of my students who plays ball for Tennessee who had no opinion about the SCOTUS affirmative action case and underlying philosophy…and responded, tellingly “Dude I’m here to do a job. That school shit ain’t my problem” Yep

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NBA Owner To Girlfriend: Don't Bring Black People To My Games »


The president of the Clippers is a racist. You can have a black girlfriend and be a racist. Because as long as you dominate or think you are better you are a racist. The NBA SHOULD DO SOMETHING!

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Cliven Bundy a hick racist? Imagine that! »

Irony: he’s more dependent on government largesse than anyone in the Section 8 housing he pilloried.

The whining and tantrums of sad spoiled brat tots…mingled with the braying of herds of donkeys—how did our proud white male elite come to this? Quo vadis?

Our brain and pelvis, our supermen, the makers not takers, the job creators, the people who put GMO, junkie and high fructose corn syrup food in our ungrateful mouths and give our taking, worthless Obamacare-wanting selves our entertainment, warmth, light, roofs over our heads, the ability to share selfies…

…whither thou goest, Mr. Charlie?

Despite the enormous wealth after wrecking the economy for we multicultural scum, and McCutcheon and Citizens United and voting rights cases…and despite the megaphones of Fox News and Web reinforcement, there is a terrible pogrom, lynching, Rosewood, Auschwitz, krystalnacht Klan march, smallpox, trail of tears Matthew Shepard and Ryan White and Brandon Tina-like invidious, intentional oppression going on.

They are the victims, they moan.

Just ask camouflage-adorned millionaires or commodity billionaires, hedge fund hawks, strip miners, frackers, commercial bankers and occasional tech mogul or CEO…

…quo vadis, guys?

Brats and jackasses. Once princes and kings, even emperors of American life. You’d think that their that their Olympian egos, their Titan accomplishments, their know best and better for all of us would indicate they had a little bit more self respect…some class? I’d be willing to forgive the pathological insouciance and lack of empathy, or the notion that they did they did all on their lonesomes without any context or predicate  or help, or even look the other way at the blasphemy that they acquired power and/or wealth by divine intervention or divine right.

But they’ve shown neither class nor tact, and indeed show a sad and painful lack of self-respect. Whither thou goest, Mr. Charlie?

Remember back in the day, when even the extremists among them, the outward racists, anti Semites, gay-bashers/abusers, sexists, toxic polluters, etc., there was STILL a quiet, nose to the grindstone quality , divorced and insulated from politics and sociocultural entanglements? Behind the scenes, in the shadows, on the DL, yes…or, more positively, a Rockefeller-like noblesse oblige—where did that go?.

Now, even macho leaders of old like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower are enemies of success and enterprise, greenies, social engineers…traitors.

What happened? Quo vadis? Scary, that Latin term, for the same thing seems to have have happened to the noblest of Romans.

Where have you gone, Mr. Charlie? Come back as better men. We need you to be better men.


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Robert Rodriguez On Why He Launched a TV Network To Reflect Diversity In Front of And Behind The Camera »


The movies I made, I wasn’t even trying to make them diverse. It’s just when you’re a filmmaker of any ethnicity, you’re going to write from your own experience. So all my scripts started with “Hispanic character…” then I’d be like, “Oh, gosh, now I have to find an actor to play this,” and then I’d find there were no actors in Hollywood. It was puzzling.

When I was doing “Spy Kids,” the Weinsteins asked me — not that they were being jerks at all, they were just wondering — "Why are you making the characters Hispanic? It doesn’t make any sense, isn’t this supposed to be for everybody?" “Well, it’s based on my family.”

They’d just never seen it. Hollywood is very much… no one wants to do it first, because what if they screw up? If someone else does it first and it’s successful, then that’s something we can imitate. It just makes business sense for people not to constantly be putting themselves out there.

[Weinstein] said that, and it really put me on the spot to come up with a reason. “Why not just give them American names? It’s America, it will confuse people.” I said “They are American — they’re based on my family, so they’re Hispanic, but they’re going to be speaking in English. It’s going to be for everybody.” But no one had done it before, so there was nothing to point to.

"But why?” They couldn’t understand why I was doing it that way, and I couldn’t come up with a good answer. And I realized, wow, if I wasn’t Hispanic, I would have folded, I would have changed the name. That’s why there weren’t more scripts like that. Somebody would have asked them at some point “Why are you doing it that way?”

Finally, I came up with the right answer. I said “You don’t have to be British to watch James Bond. Making him British actually makes him more universal because it makes him very specific.” And they were like, okay, that makes sense. And we did it, and “Spy Kids” was a big hit. And those who were Hispanic, it really meant a lot to them. People have come up to me for a lot of years since and said “You changed my kids’ whole life. They see little kids who are Hispanic that are spies and they saw your name as the writer and director and you changed their idea of what their future could be.” The ripple effects of that one movie were enormous.

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Solomon Northup's Descendants: 12 years a slave »

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