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“Six of the seven shows analyzed — This Week, Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press, State of the Union, and Up — have hosted white men at a significantly higher rate than their 31 percent portion of the population. Melissa Harris-Perry provided the greatest diversity among guests, providing a much higher rate of white women and African-American guests than the other programs; Up also hosted a higher percentage of people from those demographics than CNN or the broadcast programs. Latino, Asian-American, and Middle Eastern guests have been largely absent from the Sunday shows. Native Americans fared even worse, with only two appearances (one on Melissa Harris-Perry and one on Up) out of a total of 2,436 appearances over the nine-month period studied.

White Men Were An Even Larger Proportion Of Solo Interviews. On the broadcast Sunday shows and CNN, white men were most often hosted for one-on-one interviews by a significant margin. 75 percent of Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday solo interview subjects were white men. Once again, only Melissa Harris-Perry demonstrated any reasonable diversity in this measure. Guests who were Latino, Asian-American, or Middle Eastern were hardly present at all. No Native American has received a one-on-one interview this year. Up did not have enough solo interviews in the period studied to be included in the comparison.”

Media Matters for America, Once Again, Sunday Morning Talk Shows Are White, Male, And Conservative.

Read through for CNN’s gender problem and the overall ideological tilt toward conservative (read: Republican) guests.

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Facebook Bans Tourist Ad Due to Boobies Reference

Facebook refused to run an advertisement for Christmas Island, an Australian tourist destination known for its beautiful wildlife, because the ad referenced boobies — a kind of bird. 

According to Mashable, the advertisement was created for Christmas Island’s Bird ‘n’ Nature Week, and the ad meant to use “boobies” as a double entendre. The ad boasted of "some gorgeous shots" of some "juvenile boobies" — which were paired with images of boobies in nature (the bird kind). 

Facebook’s advertising guidelines were breached because the ad addressed ”age, gender, or sexual orientation of users on Facebook,” says Travel Daily News. 

FJP: Advertising 101: Juvenile boobies are always a touchy subject. — Krissy

Image: Mashable

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