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Ann Curry Today Show Debacle: The Best Allegory yet for the Woeful State of News Coverage, Information media, Journalism »

Matt Lauer triumphs over Ann, a true professional. Neither Murdoch and Fox News, nor World Star Hip Hop or Drudge or The Daily Caller or Perez Hilton or Real Housewives is anything more than a symptom. Ann’s dumping, and then getting $10million for it, is as good a symbolic story as any.
Especially in TV medium. Especially….
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Corporate & Billionaire money waters the Tea Party, ultimately the contemporary Republican Party, Big Tree. But is it fertilized by Racism? »

Go to to see it uncoded, or Drudge Report, Limbaugh, even The Daily Caller and Fox News to see it coded—especially in the organized personal slander (see, e.g. Drudge and how so-called center/analytical Politico dove in) of Barack Obama. Of course, you can just observe the grass roots generally, or in case study experiment in North Carolina in the link above, where not only gay marriage will be outlawed, but so will civil unions and domestic partnerships and accompanying benefits—even if its the typical structure dude and chick, either pre-marriage or as elderly people, pairing up to tough times and to care for each other.

 Its all about perceptions of power and fear, of cognitive dissonance, and pathological nostalgia. All of which are my code for racism.

May 3
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