The whining and tantrums of sad spoiled brat tots…mingled with the braying of herds of donkeys—how did our proud white male elite come to this? Quo vadis?

Our brain and pelvis, our supermen, the makers not takers, the job creators, the people who put GMO, junkie and high fructose corn syrup food in our ungrateful mouths and give our taking, worthless Obamacare-wanting selves our entertainment, warmth, light, roofs over our heads, the ability to share selfies…

…whither thou goest, Mr. Charlie?

Despite the enormous wealth after wrecking the economy for we multicultural scum, and McCutcheon and Citizens United and voting rights cases…and despite the megaphones of Fox News and Web reinforcement, there is a terrible pogrom, lynching, Rosewood, Auschwitz, krystalnacht Klan march, smallpox, trail of tears Matthew Shepard and Ryan White and Brandon Tina-like invidious, intentional oppression going on.

They are the victims, they moan.

Just ask camouflage-adorned millionaires or commodity billionaires, hedge fund hawks, strip miners, frackers, commercial bankers and occasional tech mogul or CEO…

…quo vadis, guys?

Brats and jackasses. Once princes and kings, even emperors of American life. You’d think that their that their Olympian egos, their Titan accomplishments, their know best and better for all of us would indicate they had a little bit more self respect…some class? I’d be willing to forgive the pathological insouciance and lack of empathy, or the notion that they did they did all on their lonesomes without any context or predicate  or help, or even look the other way at the blasphemy that they acquired power and/or wealth by divine intervention or divine right.

But they’ve shown neither class nor tact, and indeed show a sad and painful lack of self-respect. Whither thou goest, Mr. Charlie?

Remember back in the day, when even the extremists among them, the outward racists, anti Semites, gay-bashers/abusers, sexists, toxic polluters, etc., there was STILL a quiet, nose to the grindstone quality , divorced and insulated from politics and sociocultural entanglements? Behind the scenes, in the shadows, on the DL, yes…or, more positively, a Rockefeller-like noblesse oblige—where did that go?.

Now, even macho leaders of old like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower are enemies of success and enterprise, greenies, social engineers…traitors.

What happened? Quo vadis? Scary, that Latin term, for the same thing seems to have have happened to the noblest of Romans.

Where have you gone, Mr. Charlie? Come back as better men. We need you to be better men.


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Reality of Slavery: a new analysis of the system »

So when whites say Hey my ancestors weren’t a part of this, they might as well hey they didn’t use oxygen


…Income inequality is growing ever worse, and it is increasingly clear that one of the forces fueling this trend is the technological innovation flowing out of the Bay Area…The very fact that this boom is not a bubble, and will not suddenly vanish, means we can’t ignore it, or laugh it away. This is the new normal…A mature Internet economy is generating huge riches, and it is remaking the face of San Francisco and the larger Bay Area in the process.


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The Economy & Big Business: S&P Admits in Court That Its Ratings Are Ridiculous »


And I thought “the market” was some free flowing unseen plasma, according to the white guys in Dockers and $250 loafers. Believing anything is socialism, collectivism, seditious…right?

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CEOs short sighted greed Responsible for decline of American business »

But they refuse to look in the mirror. That refusal is at the root of our economic troubles and global competitiveness…not the government.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich throws the gauntlet down yet again on the 1%ers out there. The current mythology and meme has the average American—especially white people suffused with confusion and cognitive dissonace about the American Dream, their waning power and the typical scapegoats—acting like rape and abuse victims who’ve been conditioned to blame themselves for what’s been done…



I realize this is already viral, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s absolutely worth 6 minutes of your time: Visualizing the reality of inequality.

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Hostess CEOs & Execs ask for Twinkie Bonuses from Bankruptcy Court »

Of course it wasn’t about unions. Or diabetes and obesity. Its always been about money, and ROI.


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