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The Smithian: 'Xbox One...can recognize you from the others in the can track up to six people in the room at a time! It can... »

It can…measure your pulse to see how the show is causing you to react. And, it can do all this in a room completely in the dark…For advertisers, this sort of information creates entirely new possibilities…They’ll know exactly the gender, geographic location, and age demographic of every eyeball…

Can’t blame #NSA for this one.

My own “Hey Man” (sidekick from Rock of Ages) named “Rex Tillerson” #apes #rockofages #music #movies #animals #orangutans #ExxonMobil #oil #corporations #ceo (at Georgetown University)

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God made a [Factory] Farmer: How Monsanto outfoxed the Obama administration »

Exploding more wingnut myths about America, farming, food and corporate behavior.

Be afraid…if you’re not already turned stupid or insouciant.

Be afraid…if you’re not already turned stupid or insouciant.

“Every corporation which bemoans, and every leader of that corporation who bemoans, the lack of
education and a workforce that is not sufficiently educated, who at the same time is now temporized by
that concern and simply outsources a job on a price basis and diminishes the tax base in this country for
education is a hypocrite and is not looking at the broad issue. Nor is he fulfilling his or her corporate
responsibilities as a leader in dealing with the stakeholders that are beyond short-term investors. They
include the employees, the suppliers, the community in which they work, and the nation that makes them
possible. We don’t hear a lot about corporate responsibility. I’m hoping that we shall soon.”

—Elizabeth Warren? Michael Moore? Jeanine Garofolo? (wink)

Nope, a big cheese at Fox…but this was before there was a black president.

Some maddening information from Tax Hackers on top US corporations, Mitt Romeny, and the unthinkable cross they bear for we freeloaders come April 15th.

Tax Hackers Infographic

Source: Frugal Dad

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Wall Street Journal editor Doug Blackmon's "Slavery by Another Name" pervades Georgia Life. Corporations, Peonage, Bondage & Red States... »

Slavery by Another Name, now a Sundance indie documentary, was a Pulitzer winner penned by Doug Blackmon. It chronicles the use of black chain gangs,  sharecropping and other peonage tools in the South post-Reconstruction to the 1940s to cement a social/political order and profit. Doug’s not a left wing nut. He’s a conservative editor of the Wall Street Journal. And he’s a great guy. Done some book festivals with him.

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