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On top of a pretty big hill near the dock. Wait, there are no big rolling hills in south Florida, on either west/east coast, right? these are 1000 year old house and ritual mounds built by Indians whom had been there at least 2000 years before that. They called this capital “Tampa” …and invaders loved the name so much they took it for a new town Tampa, a 100 mikes north. The Calusa were already long gone; who the Spanish and French didn’t infect or kill in the early 1600s, English speaking Gulf traders and settlers wiped out by 1765 Now even that is older than the Arizona and Texas “patriot” and “Christian” militia and Tea Party groups terrorizing refugee children and spreading macabre stories on Web 2.0. Just saying…

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Eric Cantor: the mask comes off the GOP »

As I said to a conservative: “‘Amnesty’ was you right wingers’ or fellow travelers’ inside baseball; a forum on just how sick, racist the GOP has become inside itself. As for the rest of the nation, we areglad he’s gone for reasons stated above, and for being a general douche.”

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Delaware bridge damage - INFRASTRUCTURE!!! »

Maybe if a Republican and/or one of the whining 1% falls to their doom, they will stop snarling about cutting budgets

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New York Rep. Grimm indicted on federal fraud, tax charges »

There’s Obamacare in prison lol

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Cliven Bundy a hick racist? Imagine that! »

Irony: he’s more dependent on government largesse than anyone in the Section 8 housing he pilloried.

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Daily Kos :: For Republicans, a Homeless 11-Year-Old Black Girl Named Dasani is a "Useless Eater" That Should Die »

The rednecks who buy into this are a foot on a banana peel from poverty themselves, but it’s an axiom of American history that these dumbfucks can always be pacified through appeals to racism. Ask why the Grange and Populist movements melted down in the South in the 1880s and 90s…

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Essay: Tea party has roots in the Dallas of 1963 »

Nope. The Tea Party had its seeds planted over a century before that…well before the Civil War’s lead-up brought the second major realignment of political parties (the first being the collapse of the Federalists following the War of 1812) ; The big businessmen and Birchers of the 50s and early 60s trace their ideological DNA not to JP Morgan or Jay Gould or Andrew Mellon, but way back to the patricians like, zounds, our hero Thomas Jefferson. There was a group of men who wanted a buffer of contented, ignorant yeoman farmers (the current Tea Party “rank and file”) around them and their agribusiness (often slave-based) and occasional timber, mining/smelting and land gobbling ventures. Across the buffer was this notion,  (ironically for Jefferson, as he was a booster of the French Revolution, the Enlightenment, etc.) that there existed a class of urban British- or German-modeled collectivist-minded townies, artisans, ”mechanics”, traders, sea travelers and the bank/new industrial types (yet another kind irony) who would willfully destroy and supplant the former ideal.  image

Pretty much #teaparty morphology


Ted Cruz’s Nuremburg Rally.

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