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Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban In College Admissions »


Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Affirmative Action Ban In College Admissions


The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s controversial ban on affirmative action in public college admissions in a divided opinion released Tuesday morning. Many feel that it’s this status quo that has…

To be expected, given the times. A right wing GOP Hill staffer confided “now we need to put things back the way they were, for us, by us.” I guess he thought I was white…or Allen West or Michelle Malkin ( not her real name)

Another GOP wingnut blonde, showing profound ignorance to already ignorant audiences. Not only is Laura Ingraham’s screed against SCOTUS justice Sonia Sotomayor not grounded in reality, rationality…not to mention: evidence. It also belies utter stupidity and bigotry to code, as the GOP does, “immigrant” for Latin. Dead giveway: Laura, Puerto Rico is PART OF THE USA!!! If you want to rail against Hispanic aliens, why don’t you talk about Rafael Ted Cruz. But no matter—we need to keep the morons happy so you and the Mitts can make money. 

How disgusting.

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Most Americans are not like Antonin Scalia - The Washington Post »

Even worse —malignant Tom Clarence Thomas has a wife who consults at Heritage Foundation


Back in 2005, John Roberts, then a judge on the DC circuit court, drew significant support from ostensibly progressive legal pundits…



Born on July 22, 1939 in Central Point, Virginia, the soft-spoken, introverted Mildred Delores Jeter became a reluctant Civil Rights activist in the 1960s. Mildred fell in love with Richard Love at a time when Virginia law banned interracial marriage. Mildred was of African-American and Rappahannock Indian descent. Richard was white. The couple married despite the law. They hung their marriage certificate in their bedroom.

In 1958, the Carolina County sheriff raided the Loving’s home, bursting into the bedroom where Richard and a pregnant Mildred were sleeping. The couple was arrested and forced to leave the state. They relocated to Washington, D.C., returning to Virginia only occasionally to visit friends and family.

But the Lovings never stopped yearning for their home. And in 1963, they began the journey back. Mildred wrote Attorney General Robert Kennedy to ask for his help. Kennedy referred the couple to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Two ACLU lawyers took on the Lovings as clients. Their case eventually went to the US Supreme Court, and on June 12, 1967, the court struck down Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act. Mildred, Richard and their children returned to Virginia.

“We loved each other and got married, Mildred later reflected. We are not marrying the state. The law should allow a person to marry anyone he wants.”


Photo: Encyclopedia of Virginia; Richard and Mildred Loving, their daughter Peggy, Mildred’s sister Garnet, and Richard’s mother Lola, on the porch of Mildred’s mother’s house; April 1965, Caroline County. Taken by Grey Villet for Life magazine.

When you listen to the secular/social crack pottery about gay marriage [and I don’t mean the religious proscriptions] the opposition comments mirror, word for word, what the Lovings faced. Yes it does. Don’t deny it. Mr. and Mrs. Loving weren’t activists. They weren’t even educated. Their kids aren’t Chelsea Clinton or John -John Kennedy or Malia Obama or Jack Ford. They are simple people…bammas and/or rednecks. Like their parents. Just people, who were in love. That’s what it’s all about. The 14th Amendment…its about what it means to an American…

…and that’s not in the Bible or Quran.

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Stand up for your fellow Americans, your family members, your coworkers, your neighbors…or sit your ass down and keep your ignorant mouth shut.
Simple as that.

Stand up for your fellow Americans, your family members, your coworkers, your neighbors…or sit your ass down and keep your ignorant mouth shut.

Simple as that.

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Jon Stewart gets in Justice Scalia's Ass »

Racial entitlement? Scalia would have fit right in. This man was voting, in North Carolina (photo courtesy of UNC archives).

Today Justice Clarence Thomas—and oxymoron if one ever existed better than ”jumbo shirmp” gets to give life to Samuel L. Jackson’s pathological character in the moving picture “Django Unchained,” in the Votings Rights Act case Shelby Co. v. Holder. I was alive during Dred Scot. I died because of Dred Scot. Who will make the sacrifice to mobilize souls and sinews if such a travesty is repeated?

The perfidy of opposition to this law, renewed even by conservatives in Congress and a conservative Texan president in 2006, is clear, when one sees the justifications behind closed doors, now opened for “voter ID” and “voter fraud” laws & vile gerrymanders. But in the South specifically, have things “changed?” You know my heart on this.

As for the august Justices, I leave this quote: “Will the originalist justices follow the original meaning of the Fifteenth Amendment in Wednesday’s case? Don’t bet on it. If there’s one silver lining to seeing the preclearance provision invalidated, it is the revelation that for all to see that the purported originalists on the court are nothing of the sort.”


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Citizens United case, Justice Alito and utter perfidy: New York Times Responds »


Neither Dangerfield Newby, nor I, are Constitutional Scholars. Nor, it appears was or is my fellow Princeton Tiger Samuel Alito. But I know more than a little about media law, and NYT v. Sullivan hasn’t shit to do with either the legal tenor of Citizen’s United, or the political agenda behind the SCOTUS majority holding. Suffices to say, the political agenda was shown to be as limp as a conservative old white guy’s solsticce.


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