Let’s look at the case the Deacons for Defense. It is the subject of a film starring Forrest Whittaker.
A bunch of yahoo assholes and “sportsmen” with guns has never “preserved out freedom,” rather, gun nuts—both legacy and contemporary—always seemed to want to eradicate or deny others’ freedom…ask Indians, runaways slaves, then free blacks, or the folks in Rosewood, civil rights workers, etc. That is why minorities had to arm themselves. Who preserved freedom? Men like the Deacons for Defense. Professionally-trained armies and navies. The Constitutional Convention was called because of the chaos of armed militias—the same types who ran from British regulars in the Revolution, and did so in 1814 to allow the British to burn the capital.
That’s reality. Deal with it. Newby will tell you why he and John Brown needed guns—to take the freedom denied by the ancestors of the very folks who crow about freedom today.

Note: this doesn’t include the means, i.e. legal (racist legislatures) or extralegal (intimidation, media rants, murder & terrorism)

1812: “Huh? I can’t even vote, and they aren’t even human beings, but I’ll be damned if they ever will be!”

1912: “Mongrelization, rape, anarchy”

2012: “‘Rampant’ voter fraud!”

2112: “Hey Esteban!”

        “Si, Malcolm XXVII?”

        “Remember when white people would trip about loosing ‘their’ country and     going nuts about that cat Obama, all these other things that don’t mean anything anymore, and the rich ones would get the dumbasses all riled up and say there was voter fraud by people like us, blah, blah?”

       “No estés chingando, dude! What are ‘white people?’ Better have Qiang mind-link the Cloud data ‘cause I never heard of nothing called ‘white people,’ dude.”

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