Nailed it.

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#Republican Thought #YMCA Campers Were #Immigrants: Ignoramus attacks kids... »

Patriots and Christians in action…

Senate GOP just filibustered Elizabeth #Warren’s student aid bill. Of course that doesn’t mean speaking for 30 hours it means just government by minority fiat
#RememberInNovember that they sided with millionaires over you!

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Eric Cantor: the mask comes off the GOP »

As I said to a conservative: “‘Amnesty’ was you right wingers’ or fellow travelers’ inside baseball; a forum on just how sick, racist the GOP has become inside itself. As for the rest of the nation, we areglad he’s gone for reasons stated above, and for being a general douche.”

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Delaware bridge damage - INFRASTRUCTURE!!! »

Maybe if a Republican and/or one of the whining 1% falls to their doom, they will stop snarling about cutting budgets

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Republicans in North Carolina want to make it a felony to disclose fracking chemicals »

…or sell Teslas. Thanks rich #wingnuts

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House Republicans propose letting schools opt out of healthy lunch programs »

More greasy pizza and processed crud

#DonaldSterling Roger Ailes still runs Fox News, Trump is still on NBC, Scalia is still on the SCOTUS, billionaires and extremists still rule the GOP, Bundy is still running amok in the sagebrush…and no one from the NBA has apologized to Elgin Baylor. We still have a ways to go, folks. So in the words of The Wolf in Pulp Fiction…well…you know the rest.

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New York Rep. Grimm indicted on federal fraud, tax charges »

There’s Obamacare in prison lol

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