The GOP caucuses in Virginia have yielded a slate of candidates unrivaled in virulence against progress since Post Reconstruction…indeed matching the Reconstruction paradigm where candidates of the same party tried to out-extreme each other. It is indicative of sickness: fear, and the loss of MY country, MY state, MY perceived hegemony of ways. No more complicated than that. The Lt. governor candidate is Bishop EW Jackson, who’s nasty homophobe appeal is supposed to pull in blackfolk, likely a few blackfolk who can’t or won’t see the veiled reality. He is the driver, who was charged with keeping slaves in line. The coon, who would cut transportation, the rudiments of the social safety net— and its basic investment, education—while cutting taxes for the rich, erasing protection for employees from wage/hour to workplace safety. Even the food they feed their children wouldn’t be safe. This is a man who says he opposes desegregation, and would have retrospectively. He opposes extension of the Voting Rights Act. He “hates government” yet wants to run it, and enriched himself from Uncle Sam’s faith-based handouts. And feels that Planned Parenthood was worse than the Klan?

I thought we needed disturbed Sgt. Watters to come back and deal with Allan West. Allan West is buffoon, a bomb thrower. Mia Love—shown to be a loser and puppet (from who ran her campaign to her own financial pandering). But they are Roy Wilkins and Fannie Lou Hamer compared to the Bishop. The extremists in the GOP have truly found, from Adolphe Ceasar’s troubling soliloquy in A Soldiers Story, their “Moonshine, King of the Monkeys” in EW Jackson.

“And do you know that fool asked us what he’d done wrong…even when we cut his throat.”

Ignorance doesn’t always mean uneducated or stupid. It can also mean something nefarious…

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