When POC characters are turned white:"this isin't about race, if you think it is then you're the racist one, lets just enjoy the book/film as it is, this is about the character's personality god you're so sensitive, the new skin tone actually fits the character's personality IMO, I never imagined them as POC anyway, not all whitewashing is racist god get over it!!111 "

When white characters are turned into POC:"omg how could they!?!?!? this is soooo racist and unfair! why cant they present that white character as WHITE, how dare they change the original skin color to suit their own terms! this is reverse racism!! this is about race! I NEVER imaged that white character to be a POC that is so weird, it doesn't fit, this is political correctness gone crazy!! "

When POC characters stay POC but readers/viewers imagined them as white:"THIS IS SO WRONG. This isn't how they looked. i don't care what it says in the booooook because i imagined they lookd different. ugh the film is ruined now. Ruined."

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