Fisherman John Lennon #summer2014 (at Pine Island Sound)

Nailed it.

On top of a pretty big hill near the dock. Wait, there are no big rolling hills in south Florida, on either west/east coast, right? these are 1000 year old house and ritual mounds built by Indians whom had been there at least 2000 years before that. They called this capital “Tampa” …and invaders loved the name so much they took it for a new town Tampa, a 100 mikes north. The Calusa were already long gone; who the Spanish and French didn’t infect or kill in the early 1600s, English speaking Gulf traders and settlers wiped out by 1765 Now even that is older than the Arizona and Texas “patriot” and “Christian” militia and Tea Party groups terrorizing refugee children and spreading macabre stories on Web 2.0. Just saying…

Hanging out #fishing pier (at Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant)

hey grouper! What? get in my belly! ok #foodporn #seafood #gulf #fish

Finally #tarpon #fishing (at Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant)

Practice - Ft Stevens

Something for all the #daughters out there.

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#Republican Thought #YMCA Campers Were #Immigrants: Ignoramus attacks kids... »

Patriots and Christians in action…

What do you think of Piketty's "Capital in the 21st Century," and do you think it's possible for any sort of change in policy in America anytime soon?


I credit Piketty for reigniting the same conversation that the Occupy movement did: that inequality is not inevitable, but is instead the result of policy. I am not able to chime in on his data, about which there was critique (and lots of persuasive defense), but I can only hope that his book helps us move past the silly orthodoxy that the rich earned their money through hard work — especially working harder than everyone else. Some did — there are geniuses and innovators out there. But lots timed their working live well … and got lucky on the baby lottery.

We have chosen to transfer vast amounts of wealth from the working and middle classes to the rich, all while gutting social support programs and “get ahead” institutions like cheap, quality education. We did not have to do this. We can change it if we wish.

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