Just bought @jennyandteets2 book at our new B&N here at gentrification ground zero, though was horrified it was stack near some anti #Obama screed from yet another blonde wingnut cooze

I've been writing that I don't understand why Israel isn't following elementary counterinsurgency as espoused by David Kilcullen ("The Accidental Guerilla") and General Petraeus and proven in Iraq. The key: get the people on your side with minimum force and maximum exposure and trust-building. I recognize it's a more complicated dynamic with Israel/Palestine, yet Israel is literally doing the exact opposite. Creating more insurgents through heavy force. What do you think?


If someone is doing the exact opposite of the only strategy that is known to work, what is the most reasonable conclusion to draw? … that they don’t want to achieve that which they claim to want to achieve?

Israel and Palestinians: an interesting view


"Something the Reds haven’t got…it directs civilian defense, it guides the Armed Forces. It’s the biggest and most dependable telephone network on earth." (Western Electric ad, 1951)

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#jamaican canned cheese fi me bun #food @foodporn #summer2014 (at Broward Meat and Fish)

Magic Mike the #manatee returns for more cold water #summer2014 #vacation (at Cabbage Key)

Back home…no fish but full belly #florida (at Cayo Costa - Boca Grande End)

Wife giving Mr Manatee a drink from a dock hose.

Lazy hot day

Chillin but no redfish #summer2014 (at Pineland Marina)

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