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#tbt the last dying ember of my youth… Calling out the women who snuffed the fire and stole my spark. It shall glow once more, though, with the humble tinder of middle age #men #women

The Hell?! #summer2014 ain’t even technically over yet… #halloween2014 #bigboxstores #bullcrap (at Target Columbia Heights)

#tbt #1970s #siblings my father decided to stop being a jerk and show me how to use his camera.

#tbt #1980s #tigerinn #thetigerinn @princeton_university aftermath of the “Buccaneer Bash” empty cans of puréed pineapple and coconut, dead bottles of cheap ass #rum #pirates

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More Peterson accusations surface in Texas »


Let’s stop being on the wrong side of stuff like this, people, so as with #‎RayRice stop giving #‎AdrianPeterson a pass. Stop with the “let the healing begin” and “we don’t know the whole story”…you sound like whitefolks and #‎MikeBrown Adrian was beaten as a child, became a $40 Million Slave (Bill Rhoden should be knighted!) to escape that life, stereotypically fathers 5 kids from 4 different women ( none of which he marries) then beats his child bloody. You don’t have to be a shrink to see this cycle, so let’s stop excusing it.


Elijah McCoy’s patent for Improvement in Lubricators for Steam Engines, 1872. McCoy was a mechanical engineer who was born the son of former slaves in 1844. McCoy established his own engineering firm which was awarded 57 patents, the most successful being the 1872 engine lubricator.

The real McCoy

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“It’s not difficult to appear bright, don’t worry. The main thing is never to show obvious ignorance of anything. You prevaricate, avoid the difficulty, steer clear of the problem and then catch other people out by using a dictionary. All men are stupid oafs and ignorant nincompoops.”
Guy de MaupassantBel Ami (via vintageanchorbooks)

Our house. Local politics #schools #kids #washingtondc

Someone messed around while dusting my office and lost the ball peen hammer. Looked all over the damn floor for it. #TheWalkingDead (at Georgetown University Law Center Alumni Affairs)

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