End of the year coming #college and #television appearance done #media #washingtondc #spring2014 (at Wisconsin Avenue)

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Eric Schroeck (@ericschroeck)
4/24/14, 1:02 PM
Cliven Bundy in the rain outside Fox News headquarters, boombox over his head playing “In Your Eyes.”

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On my way to PBS to do a show. The host pledged to try crack me up by saying “Cliven Bundy” and “Eastern Ukrainian separatist sots” in his heavy old Brit colonial Rhodesian accent, so I must not have a mouthful of coffee when the questions come… 😄😄

#tbt #SCOTUS invalidates the Civil Rights Act of 1875. Read their opinion issued a mere 8 years after the 13th Amendment and the end of the #CivilWar Its almost identical to the Michigan ruling this week. Read Harlan’s sole dissent and then Sotomayor’s. Both prophetic. Hubris is a bitch, fellas. You never seem to learn that. @fababs can I get an amen?

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Cliven Bundy a hick racist? Imagine that! »

Irony: he’s more dependent on government largesse than anyone in the Section 8 housing he pilloried.

#selfie with Clutch magazine #media master Danielle Belton at #NAACP Advancement project presser (at The National Press Club - Truman Lounge)

Friends at the networks not digging my vibe, though I though it was fair…and I even mentioned Denny Chin #aereo #technology #scotus #law #television

“I replaced the church with journalism—two arenas which share many traits. A journalist, like a priest, is often thrown into extraordinary situations—fires, shootings, political campaigns and interviews with high-ranking officials. The priest stands in for God. The journalist stands in for the community at-large. The latter just felt more honest.”
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Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban In College Admissions »


Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Affirmative Action Ban In College Admissions


The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s controversial ban on affirmative action in public college admissions in a divided opinion released Tuesday morning. Many feel that it’s this status quo that has…

To be expected, given the times. A right wing GOP Hill staffer confided “now we need to put things back the way they were, for us, by us.” I guess he thought I was white…or Allen West or Michelle Malkin ( not her real name)


Solomon G. Brown (1829-1906) was the first African American to work at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Hired in 1852 as a laborer, Brown held a number of different roles at the Institution during the 54-year he worked there. Though he lacked a formal education, the self-taught naturalists eventually became a sought-after lecturer and illustrator, as well as a philosopher and poet. Outside of work, Brown worked to improve the lives of African Americans his community. After the Civil War, he founded several schools and churches in the area and served in the D.C. House of Delegates.

Photo: Solomon G. Brown, 1891, Smithsonian Institution Archives (photographer unknown)

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